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2024 Annual Meeting From Buzz to Bust: The Future of Mosquito Surveillance for Innovative Control Strategies Symposium

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From Convention to Innovation: How Can we Bridge the Gap Between Conventional Surveillance Methods and Innovative Control Strategies? Jennifer McCaw

Deploy, Optimize, Rely: An Operational Case Study on the Broad Adoption of BG Counter Lauren Lavezzi

Using BG Sentinels to estimate the vectorial capacity of Aedes aegypti for dengue-1 virus the Florida Keys - Catherine A. Pruszynski

BugOut Wolbachia: Data-driven support for a community-driven project - Johanna Ohm, Amy Lynd, Jacob Crawford, Bradley White

Innovative hardware, software, and citizen science techniques to combat Anopheles stephensi and the global spread of malaria - Sriram Chellappan, Brandon Wolfram, Farhat Azam, Tanvir Bhuiyan, Johnny Uelmen, Russanne Low, Ryan Carney

Mosquito Traffic Light: Should You Stay or Should You Go – collecting data and educating the public in unconventional ways - Charles Abadam

Mosquito Beacons Working Group – Advancing mosquito surveillance by cross-state cooperation - Bryan Giordano, Michael Riles, Lindsay Campbell, Daniel Killingsworth, Benjamin Allen, Elmer Gray, Yoosook Lee


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