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Adult Mosquito Control - Module 11

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Integrated Mosquito Management
Angela Caranci, Ph. D. |  Broox Boze, Ph. D.
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13 minutes
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Welcome to Module 11 Adult Mosquito Control of the AMCA Best Practices for Integrated Mosquito Management Virtual Training Program. This training program will provide you with the knowledge needed to understand and conduct Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM); including topics such as mosquito biology and the five main components of IMM: community engagement, collecting and using data, reducing potential larval habitat, using all control methods available and reasonable, and regularly evaluating the efficacy of the program.

Note, that this module is part of a larger program, and if you are interested in completing the AMCA Best Practices for Integrated Mosquito Management Virtual Training Program Certificate, you MUST do this module within the overall program. Please subscribe to the program prior to beginning this module, please click here to begin

Specifically, this module will cover:

  • Data-driven decisions to apply adulticides
  • Best practices for ultra-low volume application
  • Best practices for barrier treatments
  • Best practices for lethal oviposition traps
  • Calibrating and characterizing equipment and storing pesticides

Recommended reading for this module:

Additional Resources

  1. Whitford, F. et al. 2023. Using backpack mist blowers to control adult mosquitoes. Purdue University.



Angela Caranci, Ph. D. Related Seminars and Products

Originally from the Mid-Atlantic area, Dr. Angela Caranci completed a M.S. in Entomology & Wildlife Ecology from University of Delaware and a PhD in Medical Zoology from Uniformed Services University. After a brief post-doc in the Viral and Rickettsial Diseases Department at Navy Medical Research Center, Caranci moved to California and joined Northwest Mosquito and Vector Control District as Vector Ecologist. In 2020, she served as interim District Manager and has since continued on as Assistant District Manager/Vector Ecologist.

Broox Boze, Ph. D. Related Seminars and Products

Dr. Broox Boze is the Technical Director for Vector Disease Control International (VDCI) and has a Ph.D. from Colorado State University. As a specialist in emergency response, she has developed protocols and coordinated surveillance and management operations with various local, county, state and federal organizations. When she is not coordinating emergency response activities, she oversees research and development activities for VDCI to ensure the intervention strategies used are environmentally friendly and avoid non-target effects. Boze currently serves as the Industry Director for the American Mosquito Control Association and is President of the West Central Mosquito and Vector Control Association.