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Agricultural Aircraft Operations (AAO) with Unmanned Aircraft Systems

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Joseph Hexter |  Joseph Hemler |  John Meehan
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Summary: An overview of public and civil requirements for Agricultural Aircraft Operations utilizing Unmanned Aircraft Systems including aircraft weighing above and below 55 pounds total operating weight.


•          Outline: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Overview

•          Air Space Issues

•          How to Get Started

•          Public Aircraft Operations (PAO) vs. Civil

•          Part 107 Highlights

•          HAZMAT and Economic Poisons

•          How to Obtain an Agricultural Aircraft Operating Certificate

•          Handy Tools and References

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Joseph Hexter Related Seminars and Products

Joe is employed by SAIC as a Senior Regulatory Analyst assigned to AUS-430, Unmanned Aircraft Integration Office, Safety and Operations Organization. In this capacity he is responsible for the research, analysis and drafting of regulatory documents, management of individual projects as well as technical and program support for the development and maintenance of the AUS Safety Management System (SMS). For the past three years, Joe’s primary focus has been drafting grants of exemption, in accordance with Section 333 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 and the new small UAS rule, 14 CFR part 107.

For the past 49 years Joe’s background focused on aviation; initially in aircraft maintenance and later as an airline captain.  Joe has been a ground and flight simulator instructor, a pilot check-airman/designee, and has held the positions of Chief Pilot, Director of Operations and Director of Safety under air carrier/commercial operations.  After thirty-seven years in commercial aviation Joe began contracting with the FAA (flying a desk).  Initially he worked in the Air Traffic Organization (ATO) at System Operations Safety (AJR-C) conducting Safety Risk Analysis, and later as a Safety Assurance ISO Lead Auditor.  Joe started in the Unmanned Aircraft Program Office (AFS-407) in January 4, 2011.

When not working or spending four hours a day commuting, Joe tinkers with old cars and manages to find a little time to shoot skeet.  His hobbies are contingent on permission from his wife of 29 years, and what funds remain after paying college tuition for his three sons, and purchasing laptop computers for six grandchildren.

Joseph Hemler Related Seminars and Products

Mr. Joseph (Jody) Hemler, a native of Lancaster PA, and serves as an Aviation Safety Inspector in the Commercial Operations branch of the General Aviation and Commercial Division in the Safety Standards Office, (Legacy AFS-800). He brings with him over 28 years of experience as an aviation professional, advocate, and regulator. In his current role, Mr. Hemler serves as a subject matter on expert on part 137 policy issues and rulemaking projects in his organization’s commercial operations branch.

Prior to his current assignment, Mr. Hemler began his Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) career at the Harrisburg PA, Flight Standards District Office (FSDO). He served as an Operations Aviation Safety Inspector conducting pilot certification, accident investigations, and enforcement actions, and served as a Principal Operations Inspector (POI) for various part 135 and part 137 operators.   

Before joining the FAA, Mr. Hemler served in various capacities in the aviation industry. He worked for a certificated part 135 Air Carrier company operating corporate jets and rotorcraft, serving as a line captain and later as Chief Pilot. His aviation background also spans teaching at flight schools. There he conducted flight instruction in part 61 flight schools, served as Chief Instructor in a part 141 flight school, and has served as a simulator instructor in a part 142 flight school.  

He holds Airline Transport Pilot certificate and Flight Instructor certificates for single and multi-engine airplanes. Mr. Hemler holds various type ratings in corporate jets and has flown more than 35 single and multi-engine airplanes.

Mr. Hemler holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation Science from Utah Valley University. He is also an active pilot and flight instructor.

John Meehan Related Seminars and Products

John is a Management & Program Analyst and Industry Liaison in the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Integration Team, located at FAA Headquarters in Washington, DC.  In this role, John provides technical support, subject matter expertise, and performs detailed research in response to inquiries from within the agency, other agencies, industry, Congress, and the general public, and coordinates responses with appropriate FAA personnel.  He also provides subject matter expertise in the development of concepts, policies, standards, procedures and guidance related to the safe integration of UAS into the NAS.  He also participates in Inter Agency Working Group meetings with DOD, DHS, CIA, SS, FEMA, and other Federal and State Agencies, and Trade Associations.  He acts as a champion and evangelist for UAS stakeholders within the Agency, and performs educational outreach and assistance with key stakeholders such as Public Aircraft Operators (Law Enforcement, 1st Responders, Public Health, etc.) and Civil Operators in a variety of industries. 

John is a graduate of West Point and former US Army Helicopter Instructor Pilot and served just over 5 years in the Army as an Aviation Officer before getting his MBA from Boston College and joining private industry, mostly in International Sales and General Management positions.  He has worked at three Aircraft OEMs and run Fixed Base Operations at Stewart Airport in New York and Washington Dulles Airport in Virginia. Prior to joining the FAA, John was most recently the Chief Operating Officer and Head of Global Sales at Wyvern Ltd, an aviation risk management company based in Yardley, PA.

John holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate with Instrument rating rotary wing, a Private Pilot Rating with Instrument rating, single engine land airplane, and a UAS Remote Pilot Certificate.