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Arbovirus Surveillance - Module 5

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Integrated Mosquito Management
Kyndall Dye-Braumuller, Ph. D. |  Jonathan Darbro, Ph. D.
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16 minutes
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Welcome to Module 5 Arbovirus Surveillance of the AMCA Best Practices for Integrated Mosquito Management Virtual Training Program. This training program will provide you with the knowledge needed to understand and conduct Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM); including topics such as mosquito biology and the five main components of IMM: community engagement, collecting and using data, reducing potential larval habitat, using all control methods available and reasonable, and regularly evaluating the efficacy of the program.

Note, that this module is part of a larger program, and if you are interested in completing the AMCA Best Practices for Integrated Mosquito Management Virtual Training Program Certificate, you MUST do this module within the overall program. Please subscribe to the program prior to beginning this module, please click here to begin

Specifically, this module will cover:

  • Different mosquito control program goals
  • Types of arbovirus surveillance data
  • Importance of collaboration between public health professionals
  • Steps in arbovirus surveillance
  • Common arboviruses in the United States

Recommended reading for this module:

Additional Resources

  1. CDC. 2023. West Nile virus surveillance and control guidelines. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.



Kyndall Dye-Braumuller, Ph. D. Related Seminars and Products

Dr. Kyndall Dye-Braumuller is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of South Carolina where she studies arboviruses, mosquito-borne disease transmission dynamics, and application of remote sensing techniques to vector-borne disease epidemiology and mosquito vector biology/ecology. She earned her Ph.D. in Epidemiology from the University of South Carolina researching the epidemiology of tick-borne disease in El Salvador. She earned her M.S. in Entomology from the University of Kentucky studying sublethal impacts of a pyrethroid on mosquito flight behavior. She also has three years’ experience working at Harris County Public Health Department Mosquito and Vector Control Division as the Vector Surveillance Manager. 

Jonathan Darbro, Ph. D. Related Seminars and Products

Dr. Jonathan Darbro is the Advanced Medical Entomologist for Metro North Public Health Unit (Queensland Health) in Brisbane, Australia. He has served as President of the Mosquito Control Association of Australia, Inc. for 5 years. Darbro has worked with mosquitoes for twenty years, beginning with his PhD research at Cornell University and postdoctoral positions at Commonwealth Scientific and Industry Research Organization (CSIRO) and QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute. Darbro’s research interests include arbovirus surveillance, exotic mosquito surveillance, and integrated mosquito management.