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Everyone seems to have a better mosquito trap: Making sense of mosquito trapping

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Scott Crans
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Reliance of sound mosquito trapping strategies to generate surveillance data are recognized fundamental activities in professional integrated pest management programs. Responsible mosquito and vector control programs should use these data to drive operational control decision making. In this vein, mosquito trapping will be explored from its early beginnings to present day activities. Emphasis will be placed on choosing the most appropriate trap type for the intended purpose and combining several trapping methodologies to meet district needs.


  1. Introduction to mosquito trapping; what drove this need?
  2. Early trap ventures leading to the establishment of regional mosquito surveillance program (the idea caught on)
  3. There is always a better  mosquito trap right? (Review trap types)
    1. Attractants and trap bias
  4. Choosing the right trap depends on your goals: what are you trying to accomplish?
    1. Measure population level data (nuisance)
      1. Accurately measuring change in population over time requires consistency
      2. Endless variables to consider – sometimes simple is better (KISS)
      3. Change in effort (new system or approach) requires correlation (run both systems, & compare)
    2. Virus surveillance
    3. Control
  5. Not all mosquitoes are the same
  6. Surveillance programs have evolved to meet local needs
  7. Local resources ultimately determine the surveillance program employed (supported)
  8. There is a difference between research & operational level data
    1. Research small scale high resolution
    2. Control large scale low resolution
  9. Using the data generated to continually adapt the control program response is a continual process – sometimes, there is a better mosquito trap. An invasive species changed how we do things.


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