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Mosquito Control Emergency Preparedness and Response to Natural Disasters

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Broox Boze, Ph. D. |  Roxanne Connelly |  Patrick Linn |  Whitney Qualls |  Janet McAllister
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AMCA and CDC will be co-hosting a webinar on October 14th to highlight portions of the special issue of JAMCA on Natural Disaster Preparedness and Mosquito Control. Hear directly from a range of federal, state and local experts who will share their first-hand experiences and lessons learned for natural disaster preparedness. Attendees will gain practical insights into natural disaster planning and mosquito control and have the opportunity to participate in a question and answer session with the presenters.


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Broox Boze, Ph. D. Related Seminars and Products

Dr. Broox Boze is the Technical Director for Vector Disease Control International (VDCI) and has a Ph.D. from Colorado State University. As a specialist in emergency response, she has developed protocols and coordinated surveillance and management operations with various local, county, state and federal organizations. When she is not coordinating emergency response activities, she oversees research and development activities for VDCI to ensure the intervention strategies used are environmentally friendly and avoid non-target effects. Boze currently serves as the Industry Director for the American Mosquito Control Association and is President of the West Central Mosquito and Vector Control Association.

Roxanne Connelly Related Seminars and Products

Division of Vector-borne Diseases, Arboviral Diseases Branch Entomology and Ecology Team Lead/CDC

Patrick Linn Related Seminars and Products

Executive Director - Collier Mosquito Control District

Whitney Qualls Related Seminars and Products

State Medical Entomologist/Texas Department of State Health Services

Janet McAllister Related Seminars and Products

Division of Vector-borne Diseases, Arboviral Diseases Branch Research Entomologist/CDC