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Spatial Repellents for Vector Management: How Do These Things Work?

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Christopher Bibbs
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Spatial repellents are a broad category of volatile compounds that repel mosquitoes. However, they are misunderstood and underappreciated as a tool, and consequently still experience require research and development. They are shelf partners with topical repellents, and even have benefits topical repellents cannot claim. But do these tools possess utility for vector management? This talk will review what spatial repellents are, the various forms they come in, and the functions they have that could contribute to effective integrated mosquito management. This will be followed by review of the usage strategies, and the notable drawbacks in their function and successful integration into mosquito control to date.

Outline: Form, Function, Strategies, and Drawbacks of spatial repellents

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Christopher Bibbs is a public health entomologist with the Anastasia Mosquito Control District. He is pursuing his PhD in vector toxicology, with emphasis on volatile pyrethroids. While with the AMCD, Chris has focused on insecticide resistance management, pesticide efficacy, and integrated mosquito management strategies in operations. This has co-occurred with being a public school educator and public information officer, representing the AMCD through various media and curricula. Prior to being with AMCD, he was a medical entomologist and subject matter specialist at the Arizona Pest Management Center working on venomous arthropods, kissing bugs, bed bugs, widow spiders, ticks, and mosquitoes. Chris is currently a member of the CDC Southeastern Regional Center of Excellence and is a CDC/AMCA joint certified master trainer in the best management practices of container inhabiting Aedes mosquitoes.